New Noto Emoji, Fixed Search Issue

A new Noto Emoji OFL font is available with nice and clean-looking monochrome Emoji glyphs covering Unicode 14. This will be bundled with Lagrange in future releases, but you can also install it separately in older versions of the app:

Having Noto Emoji cover all the Emoji glyphs is fantastic, and removes the urgency of needing to add new glyphs to Smol Emoji. However, I still prefer the design of Smol Emoji, plus it has the additional goal of being minimal in file size. The new Noto Emoji weighs in at about 800 KB, while my estimate for a completed Smol Emoji would be about half that. Therefore, I'll keep Smol Emoji around and will keep adding to it when possible.

I also noticed that the in-app search feature wasn't finding matches for Emoji. This was because the cmap indexer wasn't recognizing all the entries in the tables, so many characters were omitted from the index. This has now been fixed so searching for missing Emoji should be working.

📅 2022-05-01

CC-BY-SA 4.0