Goodbye, iPod Hi-Fi

A couple of weeks ago we were in need of a living room TV speaker. While spelunking in the storage for Christmas decorations, I came across the iPod Hi-Fi box and brought it in. Turns out it makes for a decent TV speaker with enough loudness and a clear bass. Its simple white appearance fit pretty well in the room, apart from the hideous 30-pin dock for an iPod.

Only problem is that it started making random buzzing noises that would increase in volume.

Once, in the middle of the night, I woke up to loud buzzing audible throughout the house, and immediately realized it was the speaker. I hurried down to the living room to unplug the thing before it woke up my son, who is a curious toddler.

For the most part, everything went swimmingly and we were enjoying the high-quality audio from the TV. Yesterday, though, I came in from a walk and noticed that the living room power was out β€” a circuit breaker had been tripped. Hmm! A bit later, after turning the power back on, it became clear that the iPod Hi-Fi had given up all signs of life. I'm no electrical engineer but I'm pretty sure the buzzing was a warning sign.

At least the house didn't burn down. So R.I.P. expensive speaker, you had a few weeks of good use before shuffling off your electrical coil.

πŸ“… 2020-12-07

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