Lagrange v1.0

After exactly five months of coding, Lagrange version 1.0 is here.

Version numbers can be pretty arbitrary but the switch from major version zero to one has special significance. In the case of this project it denotes a shift of gears, as the initial rapid iteration phase ends and things should proceed in a calmer and more orderly fashion. In other words, version 1.0 is the first stable release.

While version 1.0 should be feature-rich enough to be comfortable to use, I have a long list of improvement ideas for the existing features and for adding new ones. Now is a time to take stock and reprioritize β€” after a while it should become clear which areas are lacking and what can wait until later.

Remote bookmarks

Bookmarks are crucial when building one's own personal view of Geminispace.

An important part of cross-platform development is running software on a bunch of different computers, and while doing that it is evident that somehow synchronizing your bookmarks would be really useful. Perhaps you also run Gemini clients on different systems and wish to share bookmarks between them. To this end, the big new feature that version 1.0 introduces is remote bookmarks.

This is a semi-automatic bookmark synchronization method. The automatic part leverages a mechanism similar to subscriptions: you can tag a bookmark to be a source of remote bookmarks, and Lagrange will show all links on the source page as bookmarks in your Bookmarks tab. This way you can have one or more private or public bookmark pages stored locally, in a cloud-synced directory, or on a Gemini server, and have their contents appear automatically as bookmarks in Lagrange.

Exporting bookmarks out of Lagrange is the manual part. In version 1.0 this is done using the new "about:bookmarks" page that lists your bookmarks in a few different ways: a regular list of links (i.e., URLs and titles), a list of tagged bookmarks, and a chronological feed by creation date.

Importing bookmarks is possible with the new "Import Links as Bookmarks" menu item. With this you can quickly bookmark all previously unbookmarked links on any page.

πŸŽ„ Holidays

With the end-of-the-year holidays starting, it is time for a little break. I plan to take it easy and relax with The Mandalorian season 2 and a bit of gaming. πŸ™‚ I'll still keep an eye on the GitHub issues so if you find any annoying new bugs, let me know and I'll make a patch or two.

πŸ“… 2020-12-20

🏷 Lagrange

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