TestFlight Build 1.7 (22)

Most of the changes here are focused on making the UI more consistent and well-behaved throughout the app. It's certainly nowhere near the level of polish that native UI controls have, but at least things like swiping away dialogs and input widget cursor control are closer to what they should be.

This build also contains a few upcoming v1.7 features: optimized widget drawing, identity selection in Upload dialog, and an image colorization setting.

After a number of internal changes, I've now properly separated the construction of the mobile UI from the desktop UI. While they still have a common structure for the window itself, mobile dialogs are now constructed via an entirely different code path. This allows the mobile UI to diverge as much as needed, for example many settings from the desktop are meaningless on mobile. Some larger dialogs like Upload have an entirely different structure.

For daily use, a noticeable improvement is in the URL bar and quick lookup results. When the URL field is focused, it now shows buttons for conveniently clearing the URL and for unfocusing/dismissing the lookup results. This also allows fully interacting with the results list so you can scroll it like any other list. I've also fixed a number of small UI glitches, for example the sidebar was sometimes a few pixels too narrow, and in landscape mode its background was not cleared correctly during animations.

Build notes

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Known issues

Version numbering...

This build was supposed to be numbered 1.7 (21.9.17), but apparently the bundle version got rounded up (?) to 22 by Xcode during the upload to TestFlight. I suppose it doesn't matter that much. In the future, the build date will be shown separately on the About page.

πŸ“… 2021-09-18

🏷 Lagrange, Apple

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