TestFlight Build 1.7 (23)

The big new feature is a user-customizable font library that allows you to use most TrueType fonts for page contents and app UI. This will also be the main addition in the upcoming v1.8 desktop release. The previous set of fonts is still bundled with the app, but I'm planning to make them available separately.

Note that system fonts still cannot be used. This is dependent on the glyph rasterization library, and the current one is stb_truetype (a delightful single-header C library) that is quite bare-bones and only supports TrueType fonts.

New font preferences have been added and the selected content fonts have been reset to defaults. You will notice that the default content font is now the same as the UI font: Source Sans. If you're a big Nunito fan like me ☺️, just go to Settings > Fonts and select it for Headings and Body text.

Release notes

This build adds a customizable font library and has a number of smaller fixes and improvements.

New features



πŸ“… 2021-10-23

🏷 Lagrange, Apple

CC-BY-SA 4.0