I've been occasionally updating my Finger page ( but I'm still figuring out if this is something I want to integrate with the gemlog in a more systematic fashion. I thought I'd expand a little on the latest entry, though.

The final weeks of the year are always a bit special: busy with wrapping things up at work and vacationing with the family. I don't expect to fit in much leisure-time coding.
I feel like focusing on a mini-project, though. Something a little different is a nice break from routines.

In my hobby coding, I tend to focus on a single project for months and months. This way the projects get to evolve and mature, and thanks to the scope thus afforded, they spawn mini-projects on the side that support the larger goal. For example, Smol Emoji or the Gemlog Booster that I'm now using to publish this post.

But unavoidably this kind of single-minded focusing can lead to wearing out at some point. While there are natural breaks for recharging oneself, like family vacations and trips up north to the countryside, it is still nice to shake things up with little side projects. Sometimes they even unlock new avenues or opportunities in the main project(s).

With the yuletide looming, things will undoubtedly slow down for Lagrange again like they did last year. There are a few bugs and regressions I'll still be fixing, but I believe this December I'll indulge in a little more server-side Python coding. πŸ˜‰

πŸ“… 2021-11-19

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