Dragon Age

A few days ago I finished my second play-through of BioWare’s 2014 action RPG “Dragon Age: Inquisition” on the PS4. This run took me about 145 hours, and lasted for six months.

Compared to the first run that occurred intermittently and went on for several years, I was able to better appreciate the nuances of the story. BioWare’s world-building is quite detailed and having the story continue from past Dragon Age games helps to deepen it further.

On the first run, I took my time reading all the lore and enjoying the ambience but this time I was pushing through the quests without bothering much with the details. The visual appearance and environmental design still impresses me, though. Each area/nation in Thedas has a unique and recognizable architectural style, and throughout the game I found them very consistently applied. Great art direction.

Combat and the other game mechanics are pretty simplified. Toward the end, particularly in the expansions, some new elements are introduced but it’s nothing earth-shattering. Still, I found it fun enough to keep going.

I must note that the expansions also made the last half of the game super easy for me. The expansions were added after the main game was finished, and feature more difficult quests and give you access to more powerful and advanced weapons and armor. I purposefully played the most difficult quests as early as possible, to level up as much as possible. As a result, defeating all the dragons and the final missions of the game were a breeze. I did not recall much of how the game ended, so things were still interesting. For me difficult combat is more of an annoyance…

This is a great game. I may play it again in a couple of years to see if a totally different character and playing style make an appreciable difference.

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