Colors in Lagrange (Re: stack: ANSI Colors? / charick's review)

There were a few posts recently that touched on colors in Lagrange:

ANSI escapes and color

I have a few recommendations on the appropriate use of color escapes in gemtext.

Most importantly, please consider that color escapes are not universally supported, so first do a version of your content that works without them. Unicode has plenty of expressiveness without color.

When it comes to Lagrange:

Customizing theme colors

Generally speaking, colors are a very subjective topic, so you probably aren't surprised to hear that a few people have requested the ability to customize the colors of some capsule. It's just random chance whether your own capsule gets a theme that you happen to like.

A few versions ago I added a way to store arbitrary site-specific settings in the sitespec.ini file. The plan is to add a setting there for a custom "theme seed" for a capsule. This will control the color palette that will be generated. So rest assured, you'll have a way to personalize chosen capsules to your liking without inflicting your specific color choices on others.

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