Even More Dynamic Cosmos

I'm testing a new dynamic view mode in Cosmos:

As a starting point, it shows the latest 20 posts with any relevant discussion threads. At the top of the page you have a link to "Show posts newer than this" that will hide all the posts seen below and only show any newer posts.

The purpose of this is to enable you to more easily keep track of all the posts in Geminispace without having to remember which one's you've possibly already read or are not interested in.

The idea is that you keep a tab open on this page, so the first link retains the post ID that is relevant for you. Whenever you click on that link, the post ID will increase to match the latest post. This way, it is possible to keep track of your reading position without saving any state on serverside.

Cosmos uses post dates as specified on aggregator/feed index pages, so posts may be backdated compared to the actual discovery date due to time zone differences or delayed discovery. This means that when you go to see newer posts, you don't just see posts whose timestamp is greater than the last time you loaded the page, but you may also see new posts from one or more days in the past. In any case, all top-level posts that are shown will be new to you.

📅 2022-02-16

🏷 Cosmos, Gemini

CC-BY-SA 4.0

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