YLE Teksti-TV

This may be of interest to Finnish Gemini users: I've added a way to view the YLE (Finnish national broadcasting company) plain-text teletext pages via Gemini:

It's an 82-line Python CGI script that fetches the requested teletext page from yle.fi, finds links on the page, and generates corresponding preformatted gemtext.

The original teletext pages are also available as images, but that's less suitable for Gemini. It would be great to have an ANSI-styled text version, but I don't think one is provided...

If you live in Finland, these teletext pages are a surprisingly useful and wide-ranging resource.

📅 2022-02-06

🏷 Finland, Gemini

CC-BY-SA 4.0

The original Gemtext version of this page can be accessed with a Gemini client: gemini://skyjake.fi/gemlog/2022-02_yle-teksti-tv.gmi