Android Alpha 7 (Lagrange v1.12 Preview)

Improving my development environment seemed to help, because here I now am posting the first preview of Lagrange v1.12 as an Android build.

Compared to iOS betas, which go through TestFlight and have 0-24 hours of delay for some sort of review by Apple, I can just post APKs whenever I want. Yay for sideloading?

The Alpha phase still continues as I haven’t added any new Android-specific features. For v1.12 I am still planning to add an export/import feature, though, and that will require a file picker on mobile platforms. Perhaps that will be the first Beta feature — we shall see.

A peek at v1.12

I ended up doing a bunch of visual changes for v1.12, many of which have been on my mind for a longer time:

The plan for the export/import of user data is to simply save bookmarks and identities into a ZIP archive, and enable importing items from an exported ZIP. I'll try to keep it simple.

📅 2022-03-19

🏷 Android, Lagrange

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