Summer Doldrums

📅 2022-06-14

🏷 Life

The past weeks have zipped by without an opportunity to work on any of my fun coding projects.

After a short vacation, we've decided to do some serious house cleaning before the new baby is born. Who knew there can be so much old and useless crap hidden in closets around the house? Truly a case of "out of sight, out of mind". On the upside, my office room is now much better organized. The desk is more appropriately shaped and positioned and my three PCs fit under it neatly. Even the bookshelf looks more presentable, which is nice for video calls.

My son, who is now an unruly 3-year-old, is on summer break from daycare so a lot of time goes to looking after him. The weather has been quite nice recently, which means we've spent plenty of time at local playgrounds, and he's been practicing riding his bicycle. At least I'm getting exercise having to sprint after him when he tries to ride directly onto the street into oncoming traffic. 😬

I was hoping to work on mobile Lagrange in June, but that is looking increasingly unlikely. I'm still optimistic that an updated build can be done, though, so the latest desktop fixes can be included in the iOS and Android ports.

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