Sleepless Nights, Busy Days

📅 2022-08-17

🏷 Life

Dear Diary,

It has been nearly 12 weeks since I managed to do any programming. My head is brimming with coding ideas.

It has been 2.5 weeks since the baby was born. I haven’t had more than three hours of sleep per night since then. Some days I manage to take a nap, allowing me to feel somewhat normal for a while. Of course, the daily schedule is so filled with frequent baby feeding and diaper changing, not to mention dog walks and cooking food, that I wouldn’t be able to sit down at a computer anyway.

It feels like having constant jet lag. In a way, the arrival of a baby changes the daily rhythm completely, like traveling to a faraway foreign continent. It was the same way three years ago when my first child was born, although those times have already faded from memory, unsurprisingly. That’s what the “baby lag” does to you. The old muscle memory remains, though, with certain routines feeling very familiar.

My coffee consumption has doubled. Incidentally, the price of coffee has also nearly doubled over the past year, but having quality coffee is nonnegotiable. It’s not a great expense, though, in the big picture. Coffee remains a relished daily ritual, a brief respite from the chaos, energizing and delicious.

Based on earlier experience, it will take several more weeks before a stable daily routine establishes itself. Much will rely on how well the baby manages to sleep at night. On good days, I might then be able to steal an hour or two for myself, to fire up the IDE, and get back to work.

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