Halloween Dispatch

📅 2022-10-31

🏷 Life

Looks like it has been more than two months since my last gemlog. Time sure flies when you have a young baby! (Mostly staggering in sleep-deprived stupor, but still.)

Truth be told, one gets used to sleeping less after a month or two. Most of my productive time has been spent at the ${dayjob}, which in practice turns out to be a few hours per day. The productivity is still heavily supported by coffee consumption -- I think I'm up to 3-4 cups per day now. Will have to start paring that down sooner or later.

On this All Hallows' Eve (that is not super commonly celebrated here in Finland), I've found myself relaxing at the Windows PC while the baby is having his evening nap in the next room. Launching Lagrange and typing a gemlog feels nice! It's also very nice to see Gemini continuing to do its thing, slowly attracting new users while some return to the flashing lights and cacophony of the web.

I've been thinking about which trajectory I should follow to return to hobby coding. A Gemini-based game project seems fun, and I even had designs for one last year. Such a project might be a good launchpad to get up to speed with Lagrange, too. Which reminds me, the current TestFlight build is expiring in less than a week. I really should make an updated build soon.

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