It Was a Time for Patching

📅 2023-04-07

🏷 Life, Lagrange

The last three weeks have been exceptionally busy and exhausting, as we've been throwing birthday parties for family and friends, coming down and recovering from a flu, and dealing with a teething baby. Every now and then I get a good night's sleep and manage to be productive, but that happens more seldom than I'd like...

I was having a bit of déjà vu yesterday trying to put the baby to back sleep, and indeed the situation is very similar to 3.5 years ago when my first-born was this age:

My 7mo son is helping me achieve the dream of becoming a sleep-deprived zombie.

And also this:

Have I ever truly been bored?
Seems like most of the time I have the opposite problem: not enough time to do the things I’d like.

About six months after these toots I started working on Lagrange, so things must've improved. Here's hoping history repeats itself, but looking at my calendar, the summer months will certainly still be very much baby-encumbered.


Given the general busyness of life, Lagrange is just leisurely moving along with a series of small patches. (In fact, today I've tagged the 100th release in the Git repository: v1.15.8!) Focusing on patches for a while is probably for the best, though. There have been plenty of feature additions and not enough bug fixing and really stabilizing the code. The idea is to anyway consider v1.15 the end point of the v1.x series and do a set of larger changes for v2.0, once my schedule opens up a little to make that possible.

Lagrange v1.15.5 is worth highlighting in case you missed it. I updated my LibreTranslate server and the set of available languages has grown considerably. It's now possible to leave the translation settings at "Auto-detect" and get a single-click/tap translation to English (or some other language of your choosing). Preprocessing of the page was also made much more robust, so it translates the right parts and things don't get mixed up.

The other patches have largely been fixing regressions due to the introduction of a separate Preferences window, and correcting various long or medium standing issues like use of the AltGr key in many keyboard layouts.

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