Android Alpha 2

I've put together a new build to celebrate the end of 2021:

As planned, I recreated the Android project using the latest version of SDL (2.0.18). This seemed to fix a ton of issues right off the bat, allowing me to enable device orientation changes. I haven't been able to verify if this fixes the vertical offset problems, but it is certainly possible.

I then proceeded to build all the dependencies for all the CPU architectures (ARM/Intel, 32/64-bit). I ended up with a script that takes about 9 minutes to compile a total of 24 variants of all the libraries. With these available, the APK now includes native binaries for all architectures. HarfBuzz and FriBidi are included as well, so complex scripts and bidirectional text should be working.

I'm writing this post in 1.10a2 on my Android phone, and it's clear that text entry could use improving! I seem to be mistyping every second word, and the copy/paste menu is hidden behind the keyboard... Ultimately the only reasonable solution is relying on native text input controls, but that won't be happening in the immediate future.

I'm quite happy with the alpha version for now so I'll switch focus elsewhere. I will still fix the vertical offset issues if those continue in this build.

See you in '22!

πŸ“… 2021-12-31

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