Android Alpha 3

A new build is available:

Release notes:

This fixes some of the worst issues particularly with basic display positioning and orientation changes.

While the clip menu is now showing up, it seems to be very tricky to trigger it in text fields. It's supposed to appear when tapping on the cursor, but the tap distance tolerance seems way too small at least on my phone. I should make the menu appear always when double-tapping...

It is now possible to configure which actions appear in the toolbar's leftmost two buttons. Personally I'm just swipe navigating back and forward, so it's nice to have these two buttons available for other frequently needed actions. For instance, while writing this post, I have Upload as one of the buttons so I can get in and out of the editor more conveniently to copy links and other snippets from other pages.

Alpha and Beta

The purpose of these alpha builds is to get the fundamentals working correctly, i.e., the platform-agnostic UI and the SDL-provided functionality. At this point, the app is not especially great and definitely subpar as an Android citizen.

The Beta builds, when the time comes, will be about actual Android OS integration, with crucial things like native text input, file pickers, and data backup. I would also prefer having the app be hosted in some repository for easier updates, maybe even in the Play Store as a beta. I'm not well-versed with 3rd party Android repositories, but one of those might also be possible.

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