Dynamic Cosmos

I was able to make a few improvements to Cosmos with the power provided by the new server. The reply feed service was moved from port 1969 to

and a new detailed single-thread view was added, for example:

Unlike the Cosmos index page, these per-thread pages can be more elaborate. I've included feed-formatted timestamps and a second-order lookup that shows additional posts referenced in the main thread. The latter is useful because in a thread each post only gets a single parent, and that may not be sufficient if the parent was chosen poorly by the algorithm or if a post contains multiple references to other posts.

📅 2022-01-25

🏷 Cosmos, Gemini

CC-BY-SA 4.0

The original Gemtext version of this page can be accessed with a Gemini client: gemini://skyjake.fi/gemlog/2022-01_dynamic-cosmos.gmi